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Join us in Paris for CIRTA 2019, the Congress of the Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Association!

The care of adults and children with intestinal failure has become a well integrated mission, with intervention of gastroenterologists, hepatologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, specialized nurses, social workers, through procedures and treatments such as long term home parenteral nutrition, lengthening surgery, growth factors administration and transplantation. The ultimate aim of this demanding care is for these patients to lead a “near normal” life.  The meeting will unite physicians and allied health professionals on topics such as the basics of intestinal regeneration and immunology, the exciting discoveries on the numerous positive and deleterious aspects of the microbiome, the many roads of the gut-liver axis, the challenges of  everyday life with  parenteral nutrition, the future of rehabilitation such as hormonal therapy and artificial intestine, the difficulties and successes of intestinal transplantation, the long term outcomes  of these patients, and the many ways to improve the patients’ life, such as psychological and social support, in the education system and workplace, compliance and transition, telemedicine, and  patient care in less affluent countries.

The meeting will address the patient’s care from both the patient point of view as well as the health workers’, and at all stages, from childhood to old age, whether his intestine is absent, transplanted or regenerating. The largest units of intestinal rehabilitation or transplantation in the world will be present, allowing the professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, and network for the very best of these patients with so difficult medical journeys. Make your plans to join us for this transformative Congress.

Florence Lacaille
George Mazariegos
Congress Chairs